How To ACTUALLY Get Better At Fortnite! – Best Practice Routine To Improve!

In this video, I show off the best practice routine to improve and get better at Fortnite. This four step practice program involves some of the best creative maps and drills from Raider464, and is used by many of the top pro players including Falcon Tayson, Wave Jur3ky, BL Noahreyli and more. Make sure to watch the whole thing as I give many tips and tricks for how to most effectively practice and use the maps. Make sure to drop a like if this practice routine helped you improve!

Raider’s Aim Trainer 1v1 Map: 3029-7883-3701
Raider’s Piece Control Map V2: 3705-0960-8290

0:00 Introduction
0:43 Blue Print Free Building
3:31 Advanced 1v1 Aim Duels
8:20 Piece Control Practice
13:03 Solo…

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